3 Cheers for Dessert!

I don’t know about you, but every night after I’ve settled down for the evening I get a sudden craving for dessert! Often  this is very inconvenient as the kitchen is clean, the dishes have been washed and I’m feeling incredibly lazy after devouring dinner.

I have come up with 3 possible reasons for why this may happen:

1. I’m watching a cooking show and glistening desserts appear on the screen. And, of course, they look so amazing! WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THIS? I’M CRAVING DESSERT SOOOO BAD ALREADY! Now I’ll have to do something about it.

2. I eat dessert so frequently that I just can’t break the habit!

3. I can almost smell any type of dessert if I concentrate enough… Is that normal?

… I know, annoying! So, I have come up with a way to keep up with my daily consumption of dessert with minimal fuss.

Mug desserts! They’re perfect because…

1. They’re in a mug. The sizing is perfect! It’s especially comforting snuggling up on the couch on a winters night with a warm mug of deliciousness in your hands 🙂

2. Minimal dishes and utensils are used. A mug + measuring spoons + occasionally some other bits and pieces. Now that’s not a large sacrifice for the fulfilment of happiness.

3. They’re really quick and easy to make. There’s nothing worse that feeling like a sweet treat that takes time and effort, committing to it, then realising that you no longer have the craving for dessert after you’ve slaved away in the kitchen for an hour.

4. They’re yummy!

It’s for the above obvious reasons that I’ve stated this blog-  solely dedicated to help you produce yummy, satisfying and quick desserts in a mug! 

 Now, please excuse me while I fulfill my dessert craving 🙂